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The Couch with Mary Carver

Dec 2, 2020

Welcome back to The Christmas Couch! In these weekly bonus episodes, a friend and I recap and review the new holiday movies we watched the weekend before. We tell you if we're giving it a thumbs up or down, how diverse the movie was, what made us groan, "C'mon!" and if we're still hooked on holiday movies.

This week, I’m hanging out with my friend and fellow podcaster, Misty Wagner, to talk about the new movies we watched last week. Take a listen to hear our take on Dear Christmas (Lifetime) and a whole bunch of others!



And, of course, don't forget to go to for a free bundle of holiday movie goodness—including a printable schedule of the nearly 100 new movies, recipes, playlist, bingo cards, devotional, movie guides, and more!

Welcome to The Christmas Couch!

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